Your Guide to Selecting a Domain Name That Delivers

A domain name is only a few short words, but it displays who you are and what you do for the digital world to see. If you don’t choose carefully, you won’t attract the right customers to your company. Worse yet, you won’t attract anyone at all!

Don’t select a domain name without doing your research first. Need help getting started? Here are six strategies for choosing a domain name to build your business:

1. Consider every word carefully.
Domain names consist of the following parts:

  • The second-level domain (SLD): the words that come before the “dot.”
  • The top-level domain (TLD): the words that come after the “dot.”

When you’re choosing a domain name, every word counts. Here’s a helpful hint: Incorporate your brand or company name in the second-level domain and identify your category in the top-level domain. If you do this, you’re putting your entire domain name to work!

2. If you have a stellar domain name in mind, don’t compromise.
Nearly everyone does business through the internet, so many desirable domain names are already taken. Even so, you still don’t have to compromise to get the name you want. If you’re in this situation, consider changing your TLD to reflect your company’s category rather than going with a .com or .org extension.

3. Use an SEO-savvy approach.
Many business owners use SEO-rich blogs to drive traffic to their websites. Outshine them with a domain name that incorporates keywords! When combined with a blog, a domain name with relevant keywords will put your company ahead on popular search engines.

4. Keep it short and sweet.
Long, complicated domain names are difficult to find and remember. Avoid dashes, numbers or other elements that could be misunderstood in your domain name. If you’re looking for a creative way to shorten your domain name, see if one of the words you would like to use would work as a TLD.

5. Say what you want to say.
Your domain name is not a time to be ambiguous. You only get a few words or less to make your point, so be direct. Don’t let potential customers question what your company is all about.

6. Have someone else check your domain name for spelling errors.
Business owners are sometimes so excited to embark on their online journey that they forget to check their domain name for incorrect (or even offensive) spelling mistakes. Before registering your domain, have someone else lay their eyes on it. They might pick up on a small-yet-critical error that you didn’t see.

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