Domain Monetization

Some of our select clients want maximum domain monetization from their portfolios, but they lack the time or the know-how to get the best return on investment from their holdings. By entrusting the management of their portfolios to, they get the services of our professional portfolio managers to ensure the safety and sound utilization of the domains.

How professional management can improve domain monetization

Our domain monetization services provide peace of mind to our clients who know their valuable assets are being monitored and managed to maximize return on investment and safeguard them. The following are a few of the reasons is perfectly suited for the task of ensuring domain monetization:

  • We are leaders in the domain industry
  • Our services are tailored to the needs of the investors we represent
  • Our domain mangers have years of industry experience
  • We are dedicated and responsive to the success of our clients

Whether our client is a multi-national corporation with hundreds or thousands of global domains to manage or an individual investor, we take over the complex and time-consuming task of portfolio management.

Our portfolio management services

Acquiring domains has become relatively common, but simply owning a group of domain names does not mean you will make money from them. Our domain monetization services do more than monitor a client’s domains. Each portfolio we manage receives the following services:

  • Strategy development: We begin by formulating a utilization strategy consistent with the goals and criteria of each owner. Our management services implement the strategy to ensure that each domain in the client’s portfolio is utilized to its fullest potential.
  • Monitoring: The performance of each domain in a portfolio is continuously evaluated to identify underperforming assets and domains requiring renewal. When renewal time approaches, we implement the renewal process on behalf of our client. Underperforming domains are reported to our client and adjustments made to improve their performance.
  • Expert recommendations: If we domain performance does not improve after we implemented changes, we discuss recommendations with the client, including the liquidation of underperforming assets. If the client agrees with our recommendation, we take the steps necessary to sell the domain.

Let us know how we can help

Domain owners who believe their portfolios are in need of special attention should contact Our domain monetization experts can recommend services regardless of the size of the portfolio.