DomainBroker.org strives to protect our customers’ privacy. We utilize exceptional security technologies to accomplish this goal, and we also have adopted numerous policies to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your personal data.

What information does DomainBroker.org collect about me, and how do you use it?

At DomainBroker.org, we gather only the most pertinent and relevant information about you to make your experience with us more convenient and enjoyable. Your email address and other relevant information is collected when you register for our email alert list. In addition, our website monitors and tracks each visitor’s email engagement activities, such as click-through and open rates, as well as usage patterns for the website pages you visit. We statistically analyze this information to improve our marketing efforts, including our member communications and our website.

Any information we gather about our visitors is voluntarily provided by you. It allows our team at DomainBroker.org to improve our communications with your and our services for you in the future, provided you have given us permission to do so. All information that you provide to us is strictly confidential.

If you would like to be removed from email lists, please contact us directly to make an unsubscribe request.


At DomainBroker.org, we are committed to the privacy of our valued clients and visitors. For this reason, we do not exchange or sell names or identifying details about our online visitors with mass marketers or others.


DomainBroker.org may use cookies for several reasons. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer via our website. They can be used to help our website identify you when you visit our website each time, and they ultimately can improve the visitor experience. For example, they prevent you from having to re-enter information that you already provided to us initially. They also enable us to customize your experience with preferred options.


When visiting our website, you will notice that we provide links to third party websites. We take every step possible to choose these links with care so that you can benefit from them. However, we cannot be responsible for the content on third party websites or for the privacy policies of these websites. We do not control these websites in any way. For this reason, we recommend that you review the privacy policies for those websites individually and with care.


Through the regular business actions associated with our representation, brokerage and marketing agreement, we may take any action reasonably necessary, and to the exclusion of all others, to promote, facilitate and market the sale of the domain. We shall use all available resources necessary, and these include but are not limited to social marketing, auctions, email marketing, phone, newsletter and other commercial means. DomainBroker.org will make the best effort possible to sell the domain.

As the seller, you agree that DomainBroker.org will be paid the specified fee if the domain’s sale is not executed because of events within your control or if you must cancel the listing before the expiration date is reached, for whatever reason. If you, as the seller, agree to a sale through another party, through the Internet or another type of marketplace, within the agreed term of our contract, the agreed upon fee will be due and payable immediately by DomainBroker.org.


DomainBroker.org will make every commercially-reasonable effort to sell your domain during the contract term. We agree that it is our responsible to attempt to sell the domain in a diligent, professional and competent manner using our best reasonable effort possible. As the seller, you acknowledge that we provide our services to other similar parties such as yourself. Because of this, you are aware that DomainBroker.org cannot reasonably devote all of our time and effort solely to you as the seller of your domain.


While the agreement between the seller and DomainBroker.org is active under the agreed upon term, the seller expressly states that the he or she will:

a. Refer all brokers, purchasers and other relevant parties for the previous, pending or upcoming sale of the domain to DomainBrokers.org;

b. Give DomainBroker.org full and accurate details about the domain and the seller immediately upon the execution of the agreement between the seller and DomainBroker.org;

c. Make the best effort to market your domain listing in conjunction with DomainBroker.org as requested by us;

d. Provide any relevant information to DomainBroker.org that we may request to execute our terms of agreement from time to time;

e. Fully execute the sale of the domain to a purchaser or escrow agent as soon as the receipt of the payment of the Actual Sales Price has been received by DomainBroker.org or the escrow agent, including transferring the domain to the buyer or escrow agent.


The seller agrees that he or she is the legal owner of the domain or represents the legal owners of the domain. More than that, the seller also agrees that he or she has the full authority of the domain owners to transfer a valid and marketable domain title. The seller further agrees and represents to the best of his or her knowledge that:

a. The domain owners who the seller represents are the sole owners of the interests, rights and title of the domain;
b. Upon sale, the domain will be conveyed to the buyer without any encumbrances, restrictions, security interests, liens or restrictions;
c. The domain was originally and properly purchased by the current seller without fraud or misrepresentation of any kind;
d. To the best of the sellers’ and owners of the domain’s knowledge, the current domain does not infringe on third party rights;
e. The seller and owners of the domain are not aware that there are any legal proceedings, either pending, threatened or contemplated, against the domain. This includes arbitration, claims, litigation and other types of legal proceedings.