You may like your domain name, but do customers remember it?

You just spent five minutes describing to a friend the great experience you had with a business only to realize that you cannot remember its name or the name of its website. If you own a business, this may be a good time to objectively look at its domain name. Are your cusotmers having difficulty remembering its name? It may be time for a new domain name.

Is there a perfect domain name?

If you are searching for the perfect domain name, you can stop right now because it does not exist. A name that may be right for you may be a disaster for someone else. In other words, you need to know how it will be used and the goals you wish to accomplish with it in order to choose a domain name. Instead of thinking in terms of a universally perfect name, your search should be for one that is right for you and that customers can remember.

What should a domain name accomplish?

A domain name does more than serve as the internet address for your website. Some of the other things a domain name does for your business include the following:

  • It helps customers and potential customers know and remember the name of your business. If you want to avoid losing repeat customers because they cannot remember the name of your business, a unique, catch domain name can do that for you.
  • Depending upon keywords used when creating a domain name, it can enhance how search engines respond to your website.
  • A carefully chosen domain name lets visitors immediately know what to expect when they visit your website.

Domain names may not be one-size-fits-all, but the memorable ones possess similar characteristics.

What makes a domain name easy to remember?

The good thing about selecting a memorable domain name is the freedom to let your creativity run wild. There are, however, a few common elements shared by most of the better and more memorable domain names, including the following:

  • Shorter: Without getting into the science behind how human memory works, it is much easier to remember a short domain name than it is to recall a longer name.
  • Simpler: Common, correctly spelled words tend to be easier to recall than complicated words or word groupings with unconventional spelling. Keep in mind that remembering the name of your enterprise is only the first step in finding your website. If people cannot correctly spell the name, they may end up at the wrong website or, worse yet, they may be directed to a site owned by one of your competitors.
  • Targeted keywords: The use of keywords in the domain name targeted to your industry, the products or services that you offer, or the geographic location of your intended audience may help people to remember your domain name.

As useful as targeted keywords may be to help people remember your domain name, be careful not to give up future flexibility. A targeted domain name be difficult to use in the future should your business expand into new products or services.

A domain name should be easy to pronounce and should not be subject to different spellings. When someone hears your domain name, you want them to be able to type it into a search engine. For example, the words “plane” and “plain” sound the same when spoken, but a person hearing them has a good chance of not using the correct spelling when searching for your website.

Align your domain name with your brand name

The time and effort your enterprise spends developing its brand to make it stand out in the marketplace by creating and building upon brand recognition can also help people find your website by using a domain name that is consistent with your brand. The last thing you want to do is create strong brand recognition that people associate with your enterprise only to leave them wondering how to find your website because your domain name and brand are different.

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