Know the value of your domain

The buying and selling of domains is a lively marketplace populated by corporations, small business owners and individuals. Success depends on the skill, or in too many cases, pure luck of the parties. When it’s time to sell your domain, why leave financial success to luck and chance? Put the skills and experience of the domain industry professionals at to work for you and your organization.

When the time comes to sell

As a domain owner, any number of situations or circumstances could motivate you to sell, but a couple of the common ones include:

  • Needing cash for business expansion or new investment opportunities
  • Divesting yourself of domains acquired for a specific marketing or advertising campaign that has run its course
  • Taking advantage of market trends creating increased interest in a domain name you own

When the time comes to sell a domain, works with you to assess its value before it goes on the market. Knowing the value before listing puts you in a better position to evaluate offers from buyers.

What offers does more than add your name to our website and wait for it to generate interest from a buyer. Here are some of the services you get when listing with us:

  • Comprehensive research of prospects
  • Creation of an outreach strategy encompassing end-users, investors, venture capital firms, start-ups and angel investors
  • Displaying your domain in our newsletter, social media pages and other marketing venues


Low cost to sell domains

Listing a domain to sell has never been easier or more affordable. There is no fee for your listing with as long as we verify your reserve price as being consistent with prevailing market pricing trends.

When you sell domains, the commission you pay is only 15 percent of the sale price, and handles the entire transfer process. Buyers and sellers are afforded the protection of all having the transaction handled through an independent third-party escrow company or through other arrangements acceptable to the parties.

Contact us offers the services, expertise and low cost you want when the time comes to sell domains. Contact us today for more information.