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Whether you are a seasoned domain investor or a business owner venturing into the domain marketplace for the first time, the insight and knowledge gained from a consultation with a domain broker can be invaluable. If the fees normally charged for a consultation are holding you back, gives you access to professional advice with a complimentary consultation.

What does a domain broker have to offer?

Domain brokers spend years getting to know the domain industry and developing contacts within the it. This network gives them access to domains that may not be readily available to the average buyer. It also provides them with a broader range of potential buyers for owners of domains who wish to liquidate their holdings. A consultation with a domain broker offers options and sound advice whether you are in the market to acquire a domain name or sell one that you now own.

What happens during a complimentary consultation?

A consultation arranged through puts you in touch with an experienced domain broker who will review key elements of the process of acquisition and sale of domain names, including the following:

  • Preservation of client confidentiality: None of the sensitive information about your business is shared with another party without your express consent.
  • Locating domain owners: It can be frustrating to find the perfect domain name and be unable to contact its owner. Outstand research skills allow brokers to locate and establish communication with most owners.
  • Establishing price and budgets: If you are a seller, offers appraisal and valuation services to assist with pricing. These same services allow buyers to set budgets before entering the marketplace.
  • Negotiating a transaction: One of the crucial functions of a domain broker is handling negotiations to put together a successful transaction.

A consultation also offers you the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns you may have about the sale or acquisition of a domain name.

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