Domain Names Matter: Six Tips for Selecting a Good Domain Name

Do you remember when advertising a business meant taking out an ad in the paper, renting a billboard or buying a spot on the radio? If you’re too young to have these fond memories, trust us. Once upon a time, the internet was not the first place people went to locate goods and services.

Things have changed. These days, if a business doesn’t have an online presence, they are missing the mark. The internet is the primary way businesses locate new customers and communicate with the ones they already have. A website with a “good” domain name attached is the best way to ensure that coveted online presence.

What is a good domain name, and why does it matter? It’s just a word or a phrase, so what difference does it make? Here’s your answer: It makes a massive difference! Your domain name will either bring web traffic in your direction or force it to take a detour. People form their first impression of your business based on your domain name.

Given all of this information, let’s make your domain name count! Today, we’ll discuss six things you should remember when devising your domain name. Follow these tips to make the most of this aspect of your marketing strategy!

Select a unique and memorable domain name.

If you can achieve a balance between unique and memorable, you will strike domain-name gold! Here are three suggestions that might help:

  • Use an existing word that is memorable or even silly. Think about the success that Yahoo and Google have experienced!
  • Thumb through a thesaurus to find unique words that emulate your business’s purpose.
  • Combine a couple of words to create something new. Remember to keep the spelling simple.

The extension you select is critical.

The domain name extension is the series of letters after the “dot.” In our domain name,, .org is the extension. There are several different extensions besides .org that you can select, such as .com, .net and .co. We usually advise our clients to lean toward .com and .org domain names because they are memorable and reputable to customers. If you have a stellar idea for a domain name that isn’t available with a .com or .org extension, it might be worthwhile to go for one of the less common extensions.

Consider using keywords in your domain name.

If you are familiar with how the internet works, you’ve probably heard of SEO. It stands for search engine optimization, and it refers to using keywords in your web content to rank higher on search engines. Did you know that you can also use keywords in your domain name to maximize your SEO?

Here are a couple of caveats to this tip: First, don’t force keywords into your domain name if they sound unnatural. Doing this might make your website seem less trustworthy to consumers. Second, if you have a fantastic idea for a domain name that doesn’t include keywords, it’s better to go with that great idea rather than stuff keywords into awkward places.

Choose a domain name that is easy to type.

Domain names that are easy to type are also easy to share. Here are a few tips to make your domain name typist-friendly:

  • Choose a short domain name that is easy to spell.
  • Avoid words that have multiple spellings.
  • Don’t use words or phrases with more than two of the same letter in a row.

Make sure your domain name looks and sounds appropriate in its entirety.

We’ve seen it happen: A business owner thinks they’ve hit the jackpot, only to find that their domain name spells something goofy or offensive. Put your domain name to the test! Type it out without spaces and analyze it for unintended meanings. Get another set of eyes to look at it for extra assurance.

Work with a domain broker.

A domain broker will help you cover all of your bases as you embark on your quest for a domain name. Domain brokers offer some combination of these services:

  • Sales and purchases of domain names
  • Consulting services
  • Online marketing guidance
  • Web portfolio management

At, we offer all of these services in a personalized format. If you’re building your business’s online presence and need guidance along the way, contact us for expert advice.

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