Domain Name Purchases: Your Top Three Questions Answered

Deciding on a domain name is like naming a business. You can’t just make up a name and call it your own! It’s a precise process, and getting it right is crucial to your company’s success.

Here’s a news flash: Domain names come with a price tag attached! Just like any other financial investment, you need to proceed with caution before you hand over a big chunk of your marketing budget.

If seeing these realities in black and white makes you realize how little you know about domain name acquisition, don’t fear! Here are the answers to our clients’ most common questions about domain name purchases:

  • Where can I buy a domain name?You can find available domain names through ICANN registrars, web hosts or domain brokers. Domain brokers can connect you to the most in-demand domain names available for a fair market price.Some web hosts allow you to receive hosting and domain registration services rolled up in one neat little package. Domain brokers don’t give you the one-stop-shop approach, but since they specifically deal in domain name sales and purchases, they tend to be superior at their service.
  • How much does it cost to purchase a domain name?If you’ve been poking around the internet, you know that domain name costs can soar into the multi-millions. Once you own a domain name, you’ll need to factor registration fees, web hosting, personal privacy, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and web development into your annual budget.
  • What if someone else owns the domain name that I want?If this happens, all is not lost! Even though the name is registered, it doesn’t mean that the owner is using it. A domain broker can help you find if the current owner is willing to sell their domain name. Remember that if someone already owns the domain name you have your eye on, they will probably expect top dollar for it.

If you are fumbling through the world of domain names, contact DomainBroker today and watch your business’s visibility skyrocket!

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